Unveiling the divine feminine

Artwork intended to remind the world of true feminine power
Unveiling the divine feminine

"I love to paint women in mysterious, ethereal scenes that reflect our true divine selves. I’m inspired to create a world where women dare to be wild and dream beyond society's expectations. The women I paint live their truth and seek the validation of no one but fate itself. They have overcome so much and have finally found peace within themselves."

-JL Rayne

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“I’m inspired to paint ethereal realities and to bring the hope of infinite possibilities into this world. Global consciousness is expanding and I want to be apart of it.

This universe has so many beautiful things to offer and I hope my art inspires people to open their hearts and find the courage to pursue what truly sets their souls on fire.

I want my art to empower women to realize their true strength by rediscovering their divine feminine power”

-JL Rayne

“I love the mysticism associated with animals. I believe they all have their own unique meaning and we can all relate to the messages they bring."

-JL Rayne

Mariam GiovanniCollector

"JL's ability to capture feminine beauty is truly facinating."

Janelle RamseyCollector

"Her ability to transform trauama into triumph is inspiring."

Anthony BelizeCollector

"I purchased an original for my girlfriend and she was so happy she cried. I told her that the piece was reminder of how beautiful I see her. I love how JL was able to capture my vision and was able to make my girl's birthday really special."

Kassandra ReeceCollector

"I have an original pieve hanging above my bed and I love the constant reminder of my feminine power. Her work serves as a constant reminder of just how special I am. Her work is beautiful!"