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The Fearless Paints Podcast is hosted by myself, JL Rayne. My goal with this podcast is to educate & inspire new/experienced artists to improve their skills and sell their work successfully. I have attempted to sell my work for the past few years and it wasn't until recently that I changed my process and have made thousands of dollars in sales the past few months consecutively. I wanted to jump on the opportunity to help other artists not only grow their creativity and skills but their business as well. If you are interested in being interviewed on my podcast, You may apply below. I am currently looking for artists with the answers everyone is seeking.

Interview Process

  1. After you fill out the application, I will contact you to set up a time & date for the interview.
  2. After recording, I will edit the podcast and send you a link when the podcast is posted as well as an HTML code for you to post your interview on your website.
  3. You will be featured on my instagram under the Podcast highlight


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This podcast is meant to provide value to new and experienced artists. I am looking to interview artists who are established and have created a name for themselves. Artists applying should be selling their work on a consistent basis and be able to speak to the concerns of new and inexperienced artists. You do not have to have a huge following or gallery representation to be interviewed. I am looking for artists who have enough experience to provide valuable information for the artist community. If you are a new artist without the experienced needed to provide valuable insight or advice on common creative topics, then please return later. Please check Yes below if you understand that you must be an experienced artist. If you are unsure, continue the application and I will review it & contact you with follow up questions!

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