Ep 02. Find Your Style

What a hot topic! I always get asked about how I found my style. But truth be told, I don't think I've actually found my style. I feel significantly closer every day but our preferences and tastes change often. I do feel way closer than I did a few years ago and that's because of ONE thing….well, lots of “one-things”. I found my style through mixed media. It wasn't until I started painting, drawing and getting messy with all types of supplies that I realized I have an artistic preference.

I love painting bold, colorful abstracts with feminine and romantic subjects. Before mixed media, I just painted very cartoony looking women. Once I started experimenting with all sorts of different supplies in each piece, I noticed I reached for the same supplies for very specific intentional effects. I look back at my recent work and there are lots of things they have in common. They're cohesive. Every piece has very straight drips of acrylic paint, splatters and bold pinks.


If you're looking for a way to find your style. Try these three things!

  1. Experiment with mediums & subjects
  2. Steal like an artist
  3. Create a series

Download Art Supply Favorites PDF

If you want to know how I found my style, then listen to the podcast!

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