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Ep 03. Are You Ready to Take Commissions?

If you've never done a commission for someone, you're probably asking if you're ready. There are so many things that go into offering commissions. Sometimes you may not feel confident enough. Sometimes customers don't know what they want and request too many changes. And some people offer lots of money for you to paint something that you don't feel comfortable painting. Sometimes customers may even disappear on you and leave you with time and money down the drain. Now we’re going to talk about what to expect when taking commissions and how to save yourself the headache or learning your...

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Ep 02. Find Your Style

What a hot topic! I always get asked about how I found my style. But truth be told, I don't think I've actually found my style. I feel significantly closer every day but our preferences and tastes change often. I do feel way closer than I did a few years ago and that's because of ONE thing….well, lots of “one-things”. I found my style through mixed media. It wasn't until I started painting, drawing and getting messy with all types of supplies that I realized I have an artistic preference. I love painting bold, colorful abstracts with feminine and romantic...

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Ep 01. My Life Has Changed!

Wow! I cant believe how crazy the past few months have been. Amongst the chaos, sickness and hate we have all seen lately, I managed to find some peace. Not only has my rekindled love of the arts helped my depression, it’s helped my wallet! I’ve attempted many times to pursue a successful art career but nothing took off. I never made any sales. I'm excited to announce things are going extremely well this time around and I'm amazed!   Looking back, there were so many mistakes I made and I'm sure I’m not the only person to have made...

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